Sunday school

Sunday school on October 27, 2pm at the St.Mary’s Episcopal Church in Dalmahoy, Kirknewton, EH27 8EB

We follow our Diocesan Sunday School curriculum and the link below provides all materials required for all Grades (classes), which you will be able to download for free.

Link to the downloads

Parents: As we don't have Sunday School every week, we need help from parents to help kids prepare themselves to cover the portion for every month. If needed, we could get printouts for the kids to help them to manage this easier. Sunday school teachers will be helping out the kids every month to make sure they are following the curriculum and to clear any doubts. Please note that teachers won't be covering all lessons so it will be the responsibility of the parents to prepare the kids for the exam.

Grades (classes): The curriculum is planned for different Grades starting from Nursery to Grade 12. There is a separate section for Church history which is until Grade 10. The grades correspond to the school class of the students (E.g. P1 students will be following Grade 1, P7 - Grade 7 etc.)

Exams: There will be exams every year around June-July, which are conducted by the Diocese. All students will be given guidance on how to prepare for this and will get help to register for this. Teachers: We will need more teachers to manage this new curriculum. We currently have kids from 11 different grades and need at least two teachers for each grade (main teacher and one standby). Please let me know if you are willing to help.